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When Requesting or Hosting a Training Class

. Identify interest Suggest the class at Curriculum Committee meeting to determine interest.  If there is enough interest from member agencies, research the cost, vendors/instructors and details of the class.

2. Request - If there is interest, identify the cost; vendor or instructors and details of the class.  Present the details at the next Curriculum Committee meeting and make a motion to hold the class and to approve the funds needed to provide the training.

3. Restrictions Executive Committee approval is required for the following;
     a. The Consortium cost of the class exceeds $8,000.00
     b. The Consortium cost per student exceeds $500.00

4. Instructional Agreement or Contracts Contracts must be signed by a person on the Executive Committee.

** New Training Form course description & outline   Suggest location and dates at the Curriculum Committee meeting that do not interfere with other classes on the schedule. Fill out the New Training Form and submit it with required documents at the meeting or email to Lori Boeve.  The class will then be added to the training schedule.

6. MITN Registry - The class must be registered in the MITN website. If using an outside instructor or vendor, get the course description & outline and instructor biographies to be entered by Lori Boeve. If the training is using WMCJTC instructors, the class will be registered through Lori Boeve.

If the instructor is from out of state, you must get approval ahead of time from MCOLES.

7. LEIN Notice - If the training class is not filled by Consortium members, the Host agency is responsible to put it out on LEIN at least 4 weeks before the training date.

8. Manuals & Handouts - If you are hosting an outside instructor, get a copy of all handout material for the Consortium records. If the instructors are Consortium members, get a copy of all handout material and a copy of the lesson plan. Submit to
Lori Boeve.

9. Class Roster - Use the **
WMCJTC class roster or print out the roster from the Access Kent website for people to sign in. Submit to Lori Boeve.

10. Evaluations - At the end of the training have the students fill out a **
WMCJTC evaluation.   Submit to Lori Boeve.  

11. Expense Report Submit with receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement of approved expenses. You will be reimbursed after all the paperwork is turned in. Use this form:
WMCJTC Expense Report  

12. Instructor / Vendor Payment Normal procedure is for payment to be made within 30 days of the Treasurer receiving the invoice. If payment is required prior to the class or at the conclusion of the class, prior arrangements with the Treasurer must be made.